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Below is the list of services we provide with images demonstrating the work from our previous satisfied customers

Exterior Painting (Lead Painting Section Separate Below)

1.) Inspect & Discuss with Customer | The first step to our exterior services is to have a brief estimate process, free of charge, to assess the costs & goals for the customer.

2.) Scheduling the Work | After the estimate has been accepted via email, phone call, text message or verbally in-person, we’ve entered into a legally binding contract for us to perform the requested work services. For more information regarding our contract please message or call and ask.

3.) Washing | For a home to be painted sufficiently, we pressure wash using a 3800psi, 3.5 gallon per minute cold-water, gas-powered pressure washer. This machine is intended to remove the light film of dirt from the siding which would inhibit the paint from sticking for a lifetime. Our preferred Sherwin Williams® Duration® exterior paint is guaranteed for life to not peel or fade. Sherwin Williams® has many exceptional paint product lines that we see last for many years. However, without washing beforehand, we cannot expect the paint to adhere properly. Some exceptions apply where siding is newly replaced, which would require a coat of primer (over bare wood surface), but not require washing.

4.) Painting | The process of painting starts with prep work specified in the bid document & discussions with the customer. Caulking, scraping, priming, replacement of small fascia or movement of customer’s belongings happens before paint (if applicable). Once the paint has been opened, it is applied using either a Roller or Paint Sprayer (depending on what was discussed with the customer) in an organized fashion; We begin typically with the side of the home that is not compromised by sunlight — where sunlight heat may directly inflict on the finish of our applied paint. We will complete in whole, the body color of the paint project prior to beginning trim work as to keep the labor organized and simple. Trim painting will happen as the semi-final step of the project and may include deck railings, window frames, eaves, fascia and home numbers (if applicable).

5.) Inspections & Warranty | Before sending the invoice to the customer via email, we discuss the work that was performed and any areas of concern about the integrity of the home itself (if applicable) (for example: weathered siding boards, cracking fascia, portions of the home that may be concerns for the customer.) This is where photos may be taken to show the difference between before & after (when discussed prior to the work with the customer), and we may confirm satisfaction with the customer about the work. Warranties are provided for 5-years on craftsmanship of the applied paint to qualifying jobs. A warranty-qualifying job is one which is discussed with the customer before & after beginning the work. Homes that do not qualify for warranty are those which Olympia Spray Services has deemed high-risk to premature wear; deck walking surfaces, painting over previously worn lumber attached to or composing of the home. The invoice is sent upon the completion of the work via email or in-person (if requested).

6.) Post-Paint Work | We hope you follow up with us soon or years after your paint job to discuss the work and will do everything to keep you a customer of Olympia Spray Services.

Pressure Washing

1.) Discussion with Customer | Olympia Spray Services will discuss each itemized portion of washing before, during or after the estimate has been scheduled with the customer. We wash all sorts of surfaces using the 45 degree tip of our 3800psi 3.5gpm washer, and may use a 15″ surface cleaner for flat surfaces. We do not offer hot water pressure washing at this time, which is mostly used for removing the absolute deepest stains from specific styles of concrete/pavement. Our washer is capable of removing up to 8 shades of darkened color from a paved surface that has built up grime, dirt, dust, moss or other organic material. We do not specialize in removal of spray paint, paint chips or other types of vandalism. We also do not specialize in washing of vehicles. Olympia Spray Services does not ever pressure wash a roof with standard composite shingles.

2.) Scheduling & Washing | Once the bid for the work has been approved by the customer, we perform the washing to the best of our ability in an organized and sufficient manner. Sometimes dirt may recoil from the ground and find itself on a surrounding plant, decoration or vehicle; at which point we take note and rinse those items clean, lightly and consciously.

3.) Completion | Olympia Spray Services will send the invoice upon completion of the work when it’s convenient. This is where we may take after photos to compare to before photos to show evidence of the work completed. Photos are not shared without permission from the customer.

Roof Cleaning

Discussion with Customer | Roof cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your home in WA state. We are plagued with organic spores which spread through neighborhoods via the wind and ultimately plant themselves as roof moss. This moss seems harmless at first besides a cosmetic eye-sore. However, when the conditions are right the moss can become so destructive to the shingles, that a customer may be experiencing roof leaks. This situation is extreme but common on homes that have over 90% humidity 24 hours per day. Our cleaning process is important and discussed in detail with the customer. We gently sweep the roof of debris first using a vinyl bristle shop broom — and may install a roof harness device to be safe while doing so. Once the debris is swept into the gutters, we begin in an organized fashion the removal of the moss. This is performed using a 7″ wire bristle brush on every affected shingle individually. We do not rub the surface of the composite shingle with a wire brush carelessly, we are conscious and meticulous about the orientation of the brush to minimize abrasion of the roof itself. When looking at the removed moss, an observer can see the roof material has been attached to the moss by it’s roots; this is why we remove moss is to conserve the roof material for long past it’s warranty.

Performing the Removal | Removing the moss is a labor intensive & dangerous job as we are on the roof for the entirety of the service. Once the moss has been removed, we may have swept using the shop broom multiple times before it’s all removed, as to maintain a safer walking, working and observation surface. The gutters are cleaned out of all debris and moss at the end of the service and will be removed from the property by Olympia Spray Services unless otherwise specified (for example, if we may put the debris in your debris bin or wooded area to save the cost of disposal). Other roof cleaning services may be of the commercial type, where we sweep and remove debris from a vinyl roof surface on a building larger than residential type. We also clean out the recessed water drains when applicable. Sometimes on residential-type gutters, some dirt may be shown on the outside of the gutter, in this situation we will do our best to simply wipe the dirt away. We also do our best to remove the moss from the yard down below from where the cleaning service took place.

Sending the Invoice | When the work is completed and visually satisfactory, we will discuss with the customer and send the invoice.

Lead Painting Projects

1.) Disclaimer | We are very enthusiastic about repainting homes which have had lead paint. Lead is a toxic mineral that was included in paints used at or before the year 1978. Because of State & Federal laws regarding Lead-Painting projects, we’ve seen the prices for these services sky-rocket over the past 8 years. We are licensed Lead Renovators with current and up to date certifications. Olympia Spray Services has managed and repainted more than 20 Lead-present homes in Thurston County, without charging fees amounting more than the paint work itself. The only increase in price for a “Lead Home”, is the applicable labor for installing and taking EPA-regulated safety guidelines. A home which has more than 6 sq ft of Lead scraping per day, requires the use of 10′ of 3mil plastic horizontally mounted from the home outwards, to capture and retain any paint chips which are toxic. More about these EPA guidelines can be sent via email or in person.

2.) Performing the Prep Work | The prep work is the important part of a Lead home’s paint job. This is where we safely scrape the bubbling old paint and prime the surface where bare wood is present. Washing the home will be performed after the proper safety guidelines have been met in accordance with State and Federal laws (as mentioned in the Lead booklet which can be obtained at any Sherwin Williams® paint store, or from Olympia Spray Services directly).

3.) You’ve Saved Money | After paying the applicable additional labor hours for the Lead-renovating project, your home is safe to be repainted in the future if you desire, without the use of a Lead prep process.

Interior Painting

1.) Discussion with Customer | Olympia Spray Services and it’s affiliates enjoy speaking about your interior project. There are many variables in an interior paint job such as ceiling vault design, accent walls, crawl spaces & garage walls. We want to make sure your belongings, decorations and appliances are safe during our work and discuss these details extensively. We include in conversation & bid documents the labor for removing switch plates, moving furniture and the differences between millwork (trim) and body painting. We will be detailed and complete in our discussions prior to the work.

2.) Performing the Repaint | Paint products will be applied using either a Roller or Sprayer. Typically we use rollers only as it’s very hard to control airborne paint particulates. After all the discussed prep work is performed (patching holes, spraying new texture or caulking seams), we then apply the paint in an organized fashion as to be most convenient and time-efficient for both Olympia Spray Services and the customer (for example starting with the master bedroom to allow the longest time for paint odors to dissipate). We pride ourselves in being thoughtful about which portions of the home are to be completed first and on which day of the project if applicable. Ceilings will be painted first with the use of rollers, brushes and plastic or butyl-lined cloth tarps, “Drop Cloths”. When the applicable ceilings and priority areas have been completed, we then perform the body colors in full through out the home or specified work area. Before and during the work, we are conscious of our walking surfaces as to minimize paint dripping onto the drop cloths. On the rare occasion a piece of paint particulate or a droplet is touches a surface that it shouldn’t, we make it known to the customer during our cleaning of the specific spot. You can trust that we’ll be cooperative and empathetic about your property’s cleanliness.

3.) Final Inspection | Walking around the property with the customer is important and not to be rushed. If the customer senses that we are in a rush to get away from a project, we’ve lost your business and trust. Let us know if something doesn’t look exactly right so we can explain why or correct it. Warranties are provided for interior work on craftsmanship when discussed with the owner prior and after the work is performed.

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